Lily Mei

Fremont Mayor

Lily Mei is the city of Fremont's nonpartisan mayor and California state senator candidate. Her proposed policies include promoting cultural diversity, addressing food insecurity and homelessness, and fighting climate change. She has her Bachelor's from Drexel, and she has previous experience with competitive analysis and sales as well as extensive experience on the Fremont City Council the Fremont School Board in 2014. Lily works hard to advise for various nonprofits and civic groups with the intent to create a better community.


Lily embraces safe, welcoming communities in Fremont, where she was elected as the first Asian American female mayor. Prior to becoming the mayor, Lily has served multiple positions including experience with education, transportation, housing, and school board trustees.  Lily intends to leverage her breadth of experience to lead effective and broad-scale efforts to address food insecurity, dramatically expand affordable housing inventory for seniors and working families, and fight the growing homeless crisis through a state of the art homeless navigation center with mobile hygiene services. Lily also recognizes the need to address climate change through green initiatives such as emergency solar microgrids and other renewable energy projects.


Lily intends to address homelessness, housing costs, job insecurity, and environmental problems such as wildfires. She hopes to improve public schools and bring social justice and minority equity and representation.


California State Senator