Lanhee Chen

Candidate for State Controller of California

Lanhee has cited his reason for entering the race as the fact that "the Controller has been beholden to other politicians, defending THEM, instead of fighting for and protecting YOU." His campaign will focus on protecting taxpayers in California and opposing the old Sacramento affluent, running on a campaign of fiscal transparency and accountability, including confronting issues such as protection from fraud. Lanhee believes the experience he has earned from running his own small businesses, in addition to his comprehensive background in education and political science, qualifies him for this role, which heavily involves advising other businesses.


Lanhee Chen is a Republican policy advisor and attorney who worked with Mitt Romney in the 2012 Electoral Campaign and approved by Obama to serve on the Social Security Advisory Board. Lanhee is currently the chair of the board of directors at El Camino Health. In addition, he is a lecturer at Stanford university and conducts research at various political facilities. Lanhee attended Harvard, where he holds his PHD in Political Science.


Fight against the one-party monopoly in Sacramento, expose fraud & waste in government, & ensure that every penny the state spends is accountable. His plans are to increase oversight and transparency of the state’s finances.


Election for California Controller