Bill Lu

Candidate for Ankeny City Council of AI

Bill Lu is a candidate running for city council in the city of Ankeny, Iowa. Formerly a police officer, Lu is also an avid fan of sharing cultures. One of his recent passion projects has been a local non profit charity called Global Food Charity, which he quotes as "serving international food to the public for free in order to build cultural awareness and promote community relationship building". Lu immigrated to the US at 5 years old, but his connection with his culture and the food he's made such a relationship with is one of the most important priorities in his life.


Bill is a hard-working American looking to serve on Ankeny City Council. He volunteers for local charities and community groups in his free time and is always looking to make new connections! He wants to be the go-to person Ankeny residents approach with questions, concerns, and complaints. He wants to make sure your voices are being heard at the highest level of local government and respond with the most accurate answer and provide the best possible solution available.


Bill believes that infrastructure, economic development, and strong community relations are key items the City Council must focus on.


Election to represent Ankeny City Council