Aarika Rhodes

Candidate for Congress for CA district 39

Aarika is an educator and has devoted her life to children and education. In 2020, Aarika was an active volunteer during the democratic primary for former presidential candidate, Andrew Yang. She canvassed in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and all over Los Angeles, speaking to hundreds of people about the state of our country. She feels strongly that everyday people matter and will fight hard to solve problems that affect the common people.


Aarika Rhodes was often the only student of color in her early education. Determined to break stereotypes, she used her differences to motivate herself. Through her childhood experience, Rhodes learned to stand against injustice, and devoted her life to education, receiving the Teacher of the Year Award from the Year Award from the Los Angeles Clippers in 2013 and previously participated in advocating for Andrew Yang during the 2020 Presidential Election. Rhodes is from the Democratic Party, and she is running for the 30th California Congressional District in 2022.


If elected, Aarika will support small businesses, work to close the income gap, foster care reform, and fight for every child’s right to quality education.


30th California Congressional District 2022